Tips for buying a second-hand car

A summary of the advice published by Consumer Eroski when buying a second-hand vehicle. A few days ago, one of the leading user recommendation portals, Consumer Eroski, published some advice when buying a second-hand car. Among the advice they offered when buying a “second-hand” car, we can highlight the following: Choose the right model of

Extreme driving; ice or snow

When we are about to make a route by car through an area where we can find extreme temperatures, for example with frost forming plates of ice or snow on the road, we must take into account a series of precautions that can prevent accidents. Firstly, and although it seems obvious, we have to consult

Cars with manual or automatic gearbox?

Cars with automatic gearboxes are experiencing a rise in acceptance among drivers in Spain due mainly to the great development in electronic technology. However, in the United States and Japan, its use has been widespread for many years and it is even difficult to find cars with manual gearboxes. The main difference between the two