How to preserve your car’s paintwork

One of the parts that suffers most from the car is its paintwork. As it is always in contact with the outside and exposed to sun and rain, it suffers from wear and tear, which makes it look increasingly deteriorated.

To ensure that your car’s paintwork is always as good as new, it must be washed properly, i.e. it must be cleaned with products that do not corrode the vehicle’s paintwork and cannot cause rust, the main enemy of the vehicle’s bodywork. To do this, we will look at the components of the product used or we will consult it in the shop where we buy. In addition, to extend the life of the paintwork, it is highly recommended to use polish and waxes that create a protective and insulating layer, thus adding quality and shine to the colour of the car.

One of the most important steps when washing the car (recommended once a month) is to pour plenty of water to soften any dirt that may be present and then there is no need to “scratch” the stains. Always start washing the lower part of the car first, that is, the tyres and mudguards, which are the parts that are most neglected.

Then we will clean the bodywork from the roof down, with a soft sponge and an acid-free shampoo, as we said before. Once the vehicle is clean, we will choose to dry it with a microfiber cloth.

As for the glass, even if we have dried it before, it is preferable to use a specific glass cleaner, which will avoid the appearance of veils on the glass and will leave it with an impeccable overall finish.

Some considerations to take into account are that, we should not wash it in full sun, nor try to clean it with a dry cloth, as we would scratch the paint and lacquer of the car. If we choose to wash it under pressure, and in addition, we must take into account not to exert this one directly on locks and joints, to avoid that water filters inside the same one.