Company Policy

We know that there are many portals for buying and selling used cars. Likewise, there are second-hand car dealers all over Spain…

So why buy a used car at Coches de ocasión 4 all? Well, it’s very simple, because we are very clear that our reputation is what will keep us working professionally over the years, so we are not going to risk putting up for sale a second-hand vehicle that we would not want to drive ourselves with our families inside.

In addition, we have the firm commitment that the service we provide does not end once the sale of the used car is completed, but we continue to care and serve our customers once the sale of the used car is completed.

Next we enumerate a series of factors that, inside our company policy, we emphasize and it does that we differ from other buy-sales. It is our commitment, for your peace of mind… and ours.


  • All our vehicles are free of charge and available for delivery.


  • Maximum speed to change the owner of the vehicle.


  • MOT in force.


  • Transparent prices, with name change, pre-delivery check and up to 24 months warranty included in the price.


  • Minimum warranty of 1 year extendable to 2 years and with coverage under the same conditions as a dealer.


  • We manage the financing to your measure.


  • Management of the sale of your car through our means until we offer you the opportunity of a direct purchase (forget about paperwork).


  • Personalized after-sales service. “100% Service” of customer service in terms of maintenance, breakdowns, guarantees, insurance, spare parts etc. being able to offer discounts on all these services throughout the province of Alicante.


In Coches Ocasión 4all the treatment with the client does not finish when the car is delivered.